August 22, 2016

Drone – UAS Scenario Based Hands-On Training

Step by Step Guide to Operating a UAS in the National Airspace

Even though students successfully complete a course and are knowledgeable with regards to operation and regulations, feedback received indicates they would like additional help with the procedures.  With their input, Aero Drone Resources offers a second day of hands-on training that specifically addresses these concerns.

Second day of class, available for additional fee, will guide you through the procedures based on individual scenarios that you might encounter.  Scenarios include real estate videography, building survey, and wildlife surveys giving you a variety of scenarios and jobs you might be called upon to perform.

Scenario based Hands-On Drone training will provide a step by step blueprint of what needs to be performed, what needs to be checked, obtaining flight information, and finally what you will need at the launch site.

These classes are limited to 10 students to address any questions that you might have and is also taught by our Airplane Certified Flight Instructor with years of experience.

To reserve your class, please contact us.